Sunday, April 20, 2008

Well sneaked a peek at the scales and they are moving in the right direction and I think I can confidently say I will have a loss this week...may not be big...but I am sure it will be a loss...I dont have my next slim session till thursday but I am sure I am gonna be a step closer to that mini goal of being under 140 kilos by the 31st of may. I am feeling really good...I am eating soooooooooooooo well...I dont think I have ever eaten this well...even with ww I have still treated myself...and I should treat myself just not with food. And I am feeling really good about that...this week the only treat has been 2 hot chocolates and 1 chocolate freddo I really feel great about feels like I am getting the balance right. I am also starting to realise that the food is what will lose the weight but the gym will SCULPT it, and before I got sick exercising was killing me. I remember at the gym one day only doing 2 on the treadmill...this week I did 5 on the treadmill. So far this week I have exercised...tuesday, wednesday and friday and am going tomorrow morning thats 4 times for the week babii !!! Who woulda thought it...and every workout I been sweating my lil butt off. Ive even started to think about doing the odd class...was thinking body balance and maybe even boxing ... theres a saturday morning boxing class that goes for 30 we will see. I didnt exercise today so tonite I pulled out the stepper and did 180 step ups while holding 1 kilo weights in each hand doing some basic movements. Not a big workout but every lil bit helps.

I am feeling better too...not so tired...going to sleep at night and eager to wake up for my new right now the big focus is my friend tracys 40th. Some people going I have seen recently...some not for quite a few years and some well over 10 years..and so for some I will be the biggest they have seen me...but I am determined no matter what to look good. I wanna be in the 130's and I wanna look thats the immediate focus.

Okies off to watch some tv - enjoy all =]

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Hippygal said...

Great to see you blogging heaps and love the motivation you have. We will do this....