Monday, April 21, 2008

Well helloooooooooooooooooo...another good day...foodwise. At work they were giving us all free muesli bars...without even thinking i nearly went and grabbed one...then stopped myself and thought nope "processed sugar" and didnt take one. The one thing I have been kinda bad with is hot chocolates...Im not usually a hot drinker but i have really got a taste for them and get a couple each week at work...they are made with just skim milk and cocoa so I dont think its really bad but Im not really sure if its ok will run that pass Jenna on thursday. Didnt exercise today whoch is bad...but will do the 180 steps tonight and will actually increase to 200 steps. Tomorrow morning off to the gym, and wednesday morning a PT session.

I have decided with my weighing in i will weigh in on my scales each tuesday morning as my "official" weigh in...they are practically exact on with the gym scales but as I go to my slim session at any time of day it will add some regularity and i think that will help. So look out for a way in tomorrow.

Ive decided to cut back on the internet too lol...i usually use 3 chat programs...1 is the pink sofa...i rarely go in to chat...mostly log in to see if any chick has messaged me and to check out whats going on locally, one i log in to play gammon and the other is just habit forming. So the last one I have decided its well and truly time to ditch it...its really a waste of time...and not doing anything to get to my goals...the gammon one well its a good hobby to distract me from food and pink sofa well i think that good for me for "getting my life back" so tonite the other one i plan on deleting from my computer.

The 2 days I ahve got off this week coming off I need to go thru my clothes have told a friend of mine she can have the clothes i have grown out of. Some of them are really lovely...lots of katies clothes but she mite as well put them to good use.

Also my mobile number is on a new staff plan and meant a new number and i find out in a few days time if i am getting a new phone too...hopefully...its a nokia 6500 so has a music player attached and is so slim and cute !

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