Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another 900 grams bites the dust...

woo hoo weighed in... lost another 900 grams...taking me down to 144.7 kilos...which puts the grand total back at 26.2 kilos lost....so getting there again. And so 4.8 kilos by May 31...so if I average around 900 grams per week I will make it.

Had trouble getting to sleep last nite (bad nite at work) and was very sleepy this morning and really contemplating not going to the gym...but got my act together and headed off to the gym...did 20 minutes on the treadmill...10 minutes at a speed of 5 and 10 minutes at a speed of 5.5 then did 10 minutes on the bike...first time Id been on that for monthssssssssss ... interesting thing is my heart rate gets up higher on that then the treadmill...and then 5 minutes on the rower at level 9 (that bloody well killed me !) I then headed off to subway for one of their fit meals...had a chicken and salad ( no cheese !) 6 incher. The one thing im struggling with at the moment is working these evenings and having to prepare meals that i can bring to work...tonite i was slack and just picked up half a ceaser salad wrap..tomorrow i have a PT session at 8.30am then i will come home and whip up a chicken stirfry to take to work tomorrow nite. So all is going good. Will be glad tho for after next week when off these damn evening shifts - okies nearly time for some work - ciao all !!!!

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Hippygal said...

Another great loss - congrats :)