Tuesday, March 18, 2008

YaY one day and I get a day off...so glad. This morning feast rang me (the people who do the annual gay & lesbian celebrations) wanting to know if I want to volunteer...I told them yes...said last year....they always promised to email me but never did so I discussed this with them...turns out they had a typo in the email address. He then looked at my skills and was like well u have skills in nearly everything LOL....so yanno its right...get positive...and good stuff happens.

Last night went into the pink sofa chat room...2 girls ive met before at the golden dances were in there...so was good to chat to them again. One just shaved her head for that fundraising thing for cancer...she wants me to colour my hair next year to help raise money....lol...maybe next year

Tomorrows a busy day...housework, PT session at the gym, then grocery shopping then with luck will see my niece and nephews tomorrow night. Everything else is going really well...okies time to head of to work...have a good day all =]

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