Monday, March 17, 2008

The scales dropped down another 500 grams over night so I am guessing my putting on certainly was from sodium...and thats cool as long as I know why. Today I was out at the shops in this stinking heat...anyway I bought a diet coke...hadnt eaten for a few hours, drank about a glassful of diet coke and I was this concentrating on my portion sizes must be helping... appears my stomach is shrinking. The strangest thing lol yesterday was 40 degrees here in Adelaide but works airconditioning was stuffed and so the building was all of 12 degrees ! yes thats not a typo 12 freaking we were all running around wrapped up in blankets (we raided the sick room) lol was very bizarre we looked like a bunch of white darth vaders running around the place. Well I am looking forward to this week...we normally work over easter...but they rejigged the roster so i have 4 out of 6 days wednesday I am off and that the busy day...gonna clean since it will be cool, do a PT session and grocery shop. With luck I will get it all done with time to spare to spend some time with my sister and her family. Thursday I work and then friday and saturday I am off. Saurday morning I am getting my hair done. I may go into the city and get some new gym shoes fitted as well...we will see. I then work sunday and monday I am off. So it feels like I am having a real break coming up. Tomorrow I will prolly move my mattress back up to the bedroom...I will be glad to have my lounge room back to some normality and the computer back in the computer room. There is not a real lot going on apart from this - oh and tania kept forgetting to answer your question....I am going to the fernwood in the city but there is a girl there from salisbury (staff member) who has lost like 65 kilos...her name is octavia...(think thats the spelling)

Okies off I go

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Tania said...

Oh, let's swap airconditioning problems ... lol ... ours isn't working at all in the office so it's been COMPLETELY UNBEARABLE! I've been starting work at 6am just so I can finish at 2.30pm to get home out of the heat!

Sounds like you have a great weekend planned - enjoy!