Tuesday, March 04, 2008

well Ive made some decisions ! Firstly I went to curves last night...they weighed me and Im ashamed to say I weighed in at over 150 kilos...they basically wanted me to pay $126 on the spot...which I didnt have at that point so I felt quite pressured but left without signing up. Initially I thought Ill sign up in a few weeks time when I have the cash...but then got thinking...I have my fernwood membership which I am paying anyway and its only the basic membership but its $40 a fortnight so really silly to pay for curves as well. So shortly I am going to ring up fernwood...I am pretty sure I still even have about 3 personal training sessions available...so will call them up and make a appointment hopefully for friday afternoon and hopefully with a personal trainer...if I tackle this all head on hopefully I will start to make some REAL headway. So I feel actually quite excited about doing this now...which is a super good start. I also watched dr phil last nite and it was a episode with a chick wanting to lose 210 pounds...and he was like have u read my book??? (which she hadnt) and I remembered that when I did good I would read dr phils book regularly especially the chapter on negative thinking...so I will get his book this week and get stuck into reading that as well...I really wanna do this and get way way way under 150 kilos

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Tania said...

And you WILL do this too! I'm also telling myself regularly to get Dr Phil's book out because I know it helps me too - just hate that there aren't enough hours in the day sometimes.

Have to admit that once my baby is born i'm reconsidering Fernwood too, never thought i'd hear myself say that but still - there you have it!

Have to catch up soon - it's been ages! Hope your wrist is better.