Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Well I rang fernwood fitness centre...I made 2 appointments for friday....friday I have a appointment with their dietician and then I have a personal training some ways I couldnt have picked a worse week as we are in a "heatwave" Not supose to be cool till at least wednesday....which would be so easy to put off everything for a few weeks but NU UH not happening ! Friday is the next stage in this journey.

My wunderful sister posted me dr phils book which I will hopefully get friday which I am so grateful for and a HUGE bonus I really feel that just trying to stick to points and not doing anything else was NEVER going to be successful for me...I am like the queen of secluding myself...and so going to the gym will be good for Joe at work said to me...not only did I look healthier when I went to the gym...I was happier.

I did a glucose test at work today...a blood glucose test the reading should be between 4 and 8 and mine was 4.8 which is regarded as "ideal" which is good. I also asked some of the ww girls on the forum to post their menu plans...and they all really eat only a minimum amount of processed I really am going to focus on that too.

OKies off to watch biggest loser !

PS Tania I will email you on the weekend with some dates Im free...possibly in april as I have my weekends off that month

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Who is Tardie? said...

Kazz - sorry I didn't get around to posting my food. But I'm pretty much the same as the others...I steer clear of processed foods completely. I'll see if I get a chance tomorrow to write down what I eat in a day.

Glad to see you back with 'us'.