Friday, March 07, 2008

Choose Your Attitude

^^^^ Thats a good saying eh? Well Im gonna make it my mantra...well I decided on 2 mantras choose your attitude and i LOVE the gym...Im gonna believe both of those =]

What a FABULOUS DAY !!! Well I headed off to the gym...I firstly did 28.5 minutes on the a speed of 5 and grade of .5 on the treadmill. I then did a PT session with my new trainer "teri" and she was great. She was tough as but at the end she sat down with me and asked me about my goals....which I told lose 70 kilos...she then told me to do 3 cardio sessions per week for 30 minutes and my weight sessions...she said later down the track I may be wise to increase it to two weight sessions per week...but not for the moment. Then I was working out my plan etc with the gym and this girl came over to me...she works at the gym and was like oh you are having the same dietician as me...she then told me she has lost 65 kilos...and has another 25 kilos to lose. She then said to me keep me updated on ur results and I will keep you was really motivating...I officially start with the dietician and PT trainer on the 27th...but I still have a PT session they owe me and I am getting a complimentary dietician session...and as they will be closed for 4 days over doesnt seem a big drama...

Yesterday my old friend from school tracy emailed me...she is turning 40 in late may...and she is having a 80's party at our old hang out (the old lion) so I have a short term goal to focus on. I know Im close to 150 kilos at the moment...Im determined to go to the party under 140 kilos and feeling thats the short term goal.

Okies my feet are really I am off to put them up and relax...have a good night all =]

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