Monday, March 10, 2008

N Day

Well tomorrow is N day..."N"ext part of my journey of tomorrow night I will have some real starting figures...I am doing a fitness test in the evening and also seeing the slim coach who will weigh and measure...I will then also do 40 minutes of cardio. Its also time to get my head around the fact this is no longer a choice....this is no longer something in 2 weeks time I can go off to eat a pile of kfc..and I think now my head is in the right head space...its taken me a long time to get to this point prolly about 9 months LOL shows you if you ahve one bad day dont let it turn into 2 days,,,,cos ultimately that turns into 9 months or even longer. Realistically I should have been more focused on the weight loss journey after my lil episode at royal adelaide hospital but instead I had the opposite reaction which to be honest dumbfounds me. I also need to start letting go of other peoples opinions...some people cant stay a positive word,....if they notice you losing or doing better its always folowed by "you just got to keep it up" WELL FREAKIN DUH !! I have a friend I met online about 8 years ago...anyway we been great friends all this time even if she is a yank lol...anyway last friday I email her just telling her about my day and told her I went back to the gym and she sent me a short repy "Im so proud of you, you'll do great" dunno why people cant be positive like that?

Okies well off I go...

have a good nite all =]

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Tania said...

Kazz, if there's one thing i've learnt on this journey it's that you're a success as long as you keep trying! God knows i've had my ups and downs too but I know that maintaining a positive attitude is what it takes to try again! Don't question why you didn't get more focussed after that incident - just be glad you're in the right head space now! You've motivated me like you wouldn't believe. Enjoy tomorrow night, I look forward to reading about it.