Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Good morning all ! At work bright and early. Headed off to the gym last nite in 37 degree weather...blah...I am really over the weather. Anyway did 10 minutes on the bike...and god that showed how much I have lost my fitness levels...I use to be able to cycle for 30 minutes and would cycle 12 km in that time...I was on it all for a minute when my legs started aching. So then I went and saw the slim coach...she was great...very lovely...she is actually in her 2nd year of a degree in nutrition and she gave me a plan outlay for the next 2 weeks before I officially start slimplicity. She wants me mostly to watch my portion sizes (and OMG only 1/3 of uncooked pasta per day) but she also wants me to increase my dairy which surprised me. So tonite after work I am off to pick up yoghurts, some muesli (need to use non low fat muesli which has less then 10 grams of sugar) and also some low fat cheese slices. I weighed in at 147.6 kilos...which I was 150.4 kilos on curves Ive either lost some or curves scales were stuffed (and my weight at fernwood nearly matches my scales at home) I then went and did 20 minutes on the the time I got home I was dog tired. My personal trainer came over to see if she had scared me off LOL I said no...but this cardio may scare me off lol (not really) When I walked in the manager was there and she was like...are u still doing crazy hours? I was like yeh...and shes like and you still came back? then she put her hand up to high 5 me hahahah so i was a high 5 wooping machine....I must admit the grrls there are awesomeeeeeeeeeeee they are all so friendly !


Tania said...

Well done Kazz - braving the gym in this heat is an awesome achievement - are you back at Fernwood in the city? Keep up the great work, that weight is going to be falling off you in no time.

Hippygal said...

Good for you going to the gym - I start nest week :)