Thursday, February 14, 2008

Well who likes valentines day? cant say im a huge fan...altho that could have something to do with my VERY single status. A partner of course is one of my goals. I am trying to stop the negative self talk. Over the last several months I have said to myself quite too set in my ways for a too old too content with single life. There is definitely a scaredness there of getting involved with someone. Life is "easy" being single...has none of the dramas that a partnership has...i am never arguing with never insecure or anything and i think that brings that thought that i am content...but it also doesnt bring any of the good stuff a relationship brings. The problem is whenever I do start to get close to someone I start to feel like soemthing is i have a worry on my mind but i cant pinpoint what it actually is. I mentioned this to my mum awhile ago and she wondered if it was a panic attack. I think I am going to renew my pink sofa membership...sometime in the next week or kinda tentative about it...i want to yet i dont. One minute i think yeh do it...the next i wanna not think about it LOL

I rang curves yesterday and rebooked my appointed for 2nd march as they have delayed the opening by one week. But the appointment is booked.

I am thinking of buying my own domain for my journal...and doing work on it and keeping that more of a tool for motivation.

Hmmm not much else to say...enjoy all =]

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