Friday, February 15, 2008

Well how motivated and CONFIDENT about this plan am i getting??? awesomely if i do say so myself lol...i have decided to set a few goals...when i lose 5 kilos since i rejoined ww i get a hairdressers appointment...get to 10 kilos i get to join pink sofa again. I was reading posts in my journal from sept/oct 2006 and i went thru the same wanderings about my social life and pink sofa back then and decided initially it was better to wait and make sure my head was in the right place for my weight loss first so im going to stick to that. I am also going to go back to doing 200 steps per day, when i was doing that last year I was having solid losses so will give that a try starting tonight.

So its friday YAY i work 6 days straight this week so have been hanging out for this weekend. Before work this morning i was walking around the house singing "its friday its friday" lol only downer about it is its supposed to be 36 both saturday and sunday. I have no plans apart from dinner sunday night. So plan on staying indoors and TRYING to stay cool. I have my new nicci french book which i started yesterday so i am envisaging a few hours soaking in the tub reading. But no real plans maybe some cross stitch, and some playing gammon, so nice and relaxing.

Okies off i go to do some work =]

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Tania said...

Have a great weekend Kazz!! It's great to see you so motivated, and updating so often. I was going to reply to your last post about waiting re Pink Sofa until you were sure but see you've already decided that anyway ... lol