Sunday, February 17, 2008

Well for fawks sake !! (pardon my language if u have tender ears lol) but this heat is soooooooooo revolting. I really am over summer but I must admit you wouldnt believe its 38outside in my house...the a/c hasnt been on once this weekend...but...a lil cooler inside would be nicer...of course.

I am VERY ontrack =] Sneaked a peak at the scales and tomorrow night I should have a "happy" weigh in...My goal this week was simply to make it thru week 2 and not gain but to aim for 500 kilos....and I am pretty damn positive I will make that goal...and I really feel fabulous about it...I feel more psyched then i have for a long time. Tonight I am going out for dinner,,,they always have a pasta special dish so whatever that is I will have. If after I get home from dinner if its not too warm and not too late I will go out for a walk. I ahve started doing arm punches and steps. I did 300 arm punches, yesterday I did nothing cos it was too damn hot...exercise wise that is. I am noticing that coming down my stairs is getting easier on my knees too which is good.

I have got approved for some leave in april...17th to the 27th....I may go to streaky bay but the main aim is to finish getting this house unpacked. I was reading my journal today and realise I have heaps of clothes I bought last autumn that must be in one of the boxes cos I havent seen them...and theres still about 10 boxes to unpack. Tonight I should be getting my new puter desk and computer chair weeeeeeeeee I can start to then get the computer room organised.

Okies need to go finish getting dressed I will be back here either monday night or tuesday morning to update my weigh in results.....wish me luck !

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