Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My jillian michaels book i bought off ebay arrived yesterday. So every spare second at the moment my nose is stuck in it. The first part of the book is about "self" so your mind etc...she gives suggestions like meditating in the morning and at night focusing on your goals. So far im finding the book very interesting. Today and next 2 days I am going to go for a 30 minute walk each day after work. I wont on the weekend cos its supposed to be 36 both days. So I am also trying to practice a lot of positive self talk and so far so good.

I am hungry as crap at the moment...the shift im on this week is 11.30am-7.30pm...and the meal break is at 3.30pm which means a late lunch...ive been trying to balance it out by having my breakfast a lil later...and today i am starving...altho just had a break and a muesli bar so i should make it to 3.30pm seeings thats only a hour and a quarter away.

Just bumped into a girl from work who joined curves about 7 weeks ago, she was saying she has only lost 600 grams but lost 21 i need to remember this....curves told her it would prolly be about 3 months till the scales really start moving. Which makes sense cos when i joined last time i lost 700 grams in the first month but 27 centimetres. She was saying tho someone she knows from curves has lost 35 kilos in 13 months but in the first 3 months she actually gained 3 i need to start to adjust in my head that march and most likely april the losses will be small if im going to curves...i dont think i will let that put me off tho. I have a appointment to see them on 2/3/08.

Not a lot else going on...enjoy ur wednesday all =]

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