Saturday, February 09, 2008

Well its really been a weekend of quite a bit of thinking and uh-huh moments. Someone emailed me yesterday saying that when they saw my loss on the ww forum it inspired them last year (they have since done awesome with their weight loss) and i think it was something i needed to hear...i think i have focused so much on not maintaining or continuing with my weight loss instead of thinking i did good...i stopped myself before putting it all back on (i mean im still 21.8 kilos lighter then when i initially went to ww in august 2006) its a long long time since ive had a nice comment in relation to my weight it was quite humbling...but it was a HUGE reminder.

I downloaded a jillian michaels podcast last nite. I think shes awesome and has a incredible energy about her...anyway she has a radio station in the states and u can download her i got her podcast and listened to it last night for 30 minutes while marching on the spot while holding arm weights.

I think im also again starting to focus on what the weight loss can give me...that future...where i can travel if i a partner (this is a huge goal for me) i think when i was not eating good i was saying to too old to get involved with someone too set in my content with being single....and yeh i am content....but im NOT happy with that part of my life...when i was with my ex...there was a happiness you can only get when your with someone who just makes you happy...and i do want that again. one day LOL

I will be weighing in on tuesday morning so tuesday afternoon I will update the journal again with my weight loss...ive been good...altho today ive picked a lil...but only gone over by about 4 points and i have been very very good this week...and had already saved 1.5 points plus i would have prolly earnt 2 points yesterday so im not too concerned, okies work tomorrow so im off to make a salad for lunch tomorrow...then a shower before i call it a early nite =]

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