Sunday, February 10, 2008

Let me just say - its a hell of a long time since i have felt this motivated...its great ! I went to bed early last nite and listened to the rest of Jillians podcast...(man that woman is sexii haha) and then today i went to her website...and actually joined gives workout i am going to try it..she also has a lot of articles about the mind which i have found really interesting...and she has a blog on it she updates too with suggestions etc..tonight i am going to do the first session and if i get tired im gonna hear her say "don't you dare give up on me" lol

Food wise today could have turned into a drama but it hasnt ! I am working today and forgot to bring breakfast...i was in a lazy mood and was early so was planning a up and go...but forgot temptation would have been to stop in to mcdonalds...but i didnt instead i ate my banana that i had thankfully bought...i then had a ww meal for lunch and a muesli bar just a few minutes ago, and tonight I am going out for dinner...I will prolly have a slice of raisin toast when i get home from work so i dont go out to dinner starving. Normally of course this would have been a perfect excuse to break the plan...but yay me i didnt =] On J's website too she mentions taking up a hobby, something you enjoy and as it turns out yesterday my mum bought a stack of x-stitch kits and gave me the choice of I have it at home. I use to x stitch a lot and have numerous framed x-stitches hanging in my will get back into that. So from now on wh3enever i want to break the plan and eat something bad im gonna try and train myself to think...would J want me eating that???

I am loving this weather at the moment...i was seriously seriously over the heat so i am so glad its gone

And weigh in for biggest loser tonite...they say on the add we will be surprised by who all very interesting...okies...enjoy ur sunday all =]

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