Monday, February 11, 2008

So heres the things...there was a post on the ww forum about what u wanna do when you get to goal...i added my lil list...things like travelling, dating and maybe meeting the one, knee high boots that will do up lol now some who answered this thread said "why are you waiting till goal for those things" now last year, mid last year i did a few things like i got my pink sofa account activated and went out meeting people, i was also getting my hair done, eyebrows waxed etc etc. And i wondered if thta contributed to me going off track cos i was so into my social life. So in december i didnt reactivate my pink sofa account and my hair hasnt been coloured for months...i initially thought...time to focus simply on my weight loss. The social life has to wait and well id prolly have more luck once ive trimmed down more anyway...i think 6 months of complete dedication to primarily to my weight loss is a good tactic yet at the same time i wonder if by not doing those things i am not rewarding myself and not taking advvantage of things like my pink sofa membership i am wondering about (prolly was prompted by someone sending me a generic "hello" message this morning which i obviously cant currently reply too but maybe i should reactivate the account...decision decisions)

Ok will think on it...will update after my weigh in tomorrow

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Who is Tardie? said...

Kazz - you've got to take care of yourself NOW. Not when you've lost weight for 6 months or whatever. You're worth it right now. And if you want a partner, go find one now. Sounds like you're doing a heck of a lot of thinking at the moment...hope you can find your path soon.