Thursday, February 21, 2008

Well hello all =] Its cooled down cool that last nite at home I was like I need to go have a shower to warm up lol The scales went up about 200 grams overnight but im not stressing too much over it as I did have a spicey meal last night (actually had lamb ribs in yiros seasoning...spicy and yummi - but prolly not so good for me lol)

I am off this weekend so planning to go out shopping. I have a westfield voucher which expires end of this month so think i better go spend it before it expires. Apart from that...gonna be a pretty quiet weekend. I ahvet done any exercise this week...the intention is that but yeh im slack not too fussed my appointment with curves in 10 days or so.

Not a lot else going on...enjoy ur thursday all

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Tania said...

GGGGRRRR don't even mention Curves to me! That reminded me that I was going to write a letter to them, i'm going to move over to my blog now and rant and rave about it all. Have a great weekend!