Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Well...boy what a day. I had to fast this morning...then went to the ultrasound appointment...they ultrasounded everything...spleen, heart, kidneys, liver and gall bladder and then the radiologist told me he sees no gall stones ! what the...??? He said its possible ive passed it...but that ill know more when i see my doc on friday. My doc had also mentioned it could be a fatty liver or a infected i presume ill know more on friday. Anyway if they tell me im ok...and just need to watch my diet and dont need any appointments next week then im gonna jump on that bus and head to streaky bay friday nite and ill come back tuesday at least ill get 4 days with the kids.

I then went to the gym...well...i was planning to do a TTT class and weigh in. Well i misread the timetable and TTT was half over and the next class was body attack which the girls at the desk talked me into...OMG can we say "face as red as a beetroot" im so tired now...and i can feel my muscles aching already.

I then went to weigh in...i know weigh 138.8 ive now lost 32.3 kilos...goddamn amazing ! i swear to gawd. They also took my measurements...and last month i lost 6.5 cm from my waist and 2.5 cm from my bust so thats all good. Then they told me about the butterfly program which im in. For next weeks session i need to get a box thats decorated and represents "me" and is larger then a tissue

okies off i go ... have a great day all !

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