Thursday, July 12, 2007

Well yanno its amazing what a health scare can do for you. You know when i got up to over 170 kilos...i heard and even wondered if id last till i turned 40 i was seriously a heart attack waiting to happen. And when i always have thought of weight loss ive thought thats the risk or diabetes, then to have the drama of last week...the pain...the being put in a ambulance...blood tests...morphine shots...drips....oxygen etc and the thought that my history of bad eating had put me in a situation where eating even low fat healthy food was putting me in such pain was a huge awakening. At first yesterday when the radiologist said i may have passed the gall stone...i wasnt convinced...but i looked online last can happy...altho ur mighty lucky if it did. Im just hoping now my blood tests come back all ok...and i have a clean bill of health. Also the gyms butterfly program started this week...and they are giving out prizes determined on how often u get to the gym. I have no idea what the prizes are but its a extra focus for me. Anyway last nite i ate home made fried rice and diet coke AND a piece of chocolate...completed tested my system and NO pain so i feel like a weight has been lifted from me as i feel confident to eat healthy foods, cant say i would feel confident about kfc for example...but im thinking thats a good thing.

I am positive i am going to my sisters tomorrow nite now...i feel good...and cant see a reason why not. So i am really started to get excited about the trip. And when i get back on the friday nite its tans bday so me and felicity talked last nite and think we will go out for dinner with her and then to the wheaty for a few drinks...(non alcoholic for me) next morning i have to work at 7.30am but it will be nice to get out and have a quiet evening with them.

Today i am off to the gym for a PT session - go me !!! and omg yanno i cant stop looking at those numbers...170.9 and now 138.8....damn amazing - have a good day all !


Anonymous said...

oh babe - i have been away and I have missed ya so much and i am so sorry that i wasn't there when you weresick. I have gall stones and they want to take them out, but for me its a way to make sure that I don't go overboard with junk food! There is no way that I want to have an attack again! glad you are a bit better now

Tania said...

Hope you got off on your trip ok, you deserve the break after all you've been through lately! Congrats on the great weight loss, you're doing so well and like you said, what better motivation to keep going. Catch up soon.