Sunday, July 15, 2007

well hello there all :) i made it to streaky bay finally...where its very very cold altho the sun is out a bit today and was sitting outside reading a lil bit earlier. Ive spent most of my time playing pokemon on the nintendo (and the consensus is i suck at this game lol) and watching dora and reading to miss 3. Soon as i finish this post im off outside to play hide n seek which they have been asking me to play since yesterday lol. Last nite my sister and me sat down and watched 6 episodes of gilmore girls LOL and tomorrow we are taking Miss 3 to the pub for lunch they apparantly do nice chicken salads and stuff. Foodwise i have been very good..even coming over you stop at port augusta and its like midnight and cold and the place you stop at sells greasy fatty chips and hotdogs etc but i was very good and just had a ham, cheese and tomato sandwich. Cant believe i go back to work so soon...but im not bothered really its been a decent break (altho not being sick would have been nice) I get home wednesday and that is a busy busy day...when i get home at like 6.30am i will prolly nap for a bit...then i have to do my meal plan for the next week...head up to the shops and do my grocery shopping...then over to mums as her antivirus software is having some problem. Then in the afternoon at 3pm i have a session with my slim coach and then a PT session (and omg it hurts so much to lift my arms at the moment from the last session) and then 6.45pm i am going to see the tax agent...phew.

Oh and i did get my eyes tested and do need glasses for when im at the puter or reading..AND i have freckles on my pupils...what the????! My mum found that quite funny....i seriously got the sucky genes in this family lol.

OKies i best go...and tania....yes we do need to catch up soon...when i get back to work ill email you a few days i can make...okies of to play some hide n seek lol...enjoy your sunday all !


Anonymous said...

seriously! You doing good girl!!!!!! streaky is gorgeous and enjoy your time there!

Tania said...

Lol ... sounds like Danielle and the boys are keeping you busy - can't believe she's 3 already??? Enjoy your time away, sounds like you might need the down time to cope with Wednesday.