Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Well my gawd last day in streaky already. Yesterday we went to the pub for lunch and then went for a driver around the bay. My sister has season 6 of the gilmore girls which i havent seen so we have been trying to watch the season before i go home...we have managed 10 episodes lol...theres still another 13 i think so im bringing it home with me plus a couple of books. Just this morning finished my latest book "the maria korp case" was very interesting to say the least. The next one im reading is called "my sisters keeper" and isnt a true crime book.

My new jeans are feeling looser and i noticed yesteday i can now do all the buttons up on my denim jacket...so hopefully i wont get a nasty shock when i weigh in tomorrow. But regardless it doesnt matter even if i have a gain (remember ive gone back to normal eating after barely eating so i may have a small gain.) wednesday is first day of the "kicking ass in last half of 2007" lol. My aim is to be under 125 kilos by christmas which is completely do able. So there is theoretically 23 weeks till christmas...and i want to lose about 14 kilos...so the aim is to lose 600 grams per week...which is not setting the task bar too high i dont think.

Okies off i go to enjoy this last day,,,,have a good tuesday all !

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Anonymous said...

i LOVE my sister's keeper - and all picoult stuff (although she did go off the rails for awhile) - you can totally do 600g! Hey! Would you like some 110kg clothes next time I come to Adelaide? I have some really nice ones and don't want to throw them!