Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Well im back home and OMG sooooooooo quiet in my house - i keep expecting a chatty lil child to walk in the room at any moment lol

I got home at house was i put the heater on and climbed into bed and slept till about 10am... woke still feeling incredibly tired....was tempted to bail out of my PT session but i went but had a bit of a dizzy spell at the end so didnt do the last exercise. I went to see my slim coach too...i put on 500 grams but she said its prolly cos the week before last i was barely eating. I also have to do "visualisation" with the box i had to buy i have to put things in it that are reflective of what i, employment, study, social life, health, clothes...and to focus on how i want to see myself. Which was interesting as ive been thinking about doing a degree thru open studies. My sister gave me a course one of the things im going to do for the november intake is decide which course and enrol. Theres lots of things i want for my future i need to give some real thought to focussing seriously on a couple of these.

Tomorrow im planning to go to the gym after a early nite tonite. Planning to just do 30 minutes on the cycle.

Okies im off for some sleep...enjoy your nite all

PS : airlie - i would love to take you up on that offer of the clothes....when your in adelaide next email me on or add me to your msn - we can meet up for lunch or something if you like? - ciao

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Tania said...

Welcome back! Hope you had a good trip - if ever you need that noisy kid thing happening just remember i'm only 25 minutes down the road, all you have to do is ask ... lol