Thursday, July 19, 2007

oooooo well exciting news ! i enrolled in uni part time...i am gonna do a arts degree in criminology and justice. And i have enrolled for my first unit...which is actually a introductory to university studies subject. I start on August 27 and im pretty excited now ive made the committment to do it. So over the next few weeks i need to go out and get the text books so im all ready,AND set up my damn printer ! Ive had my printer for like 18 months and never set it up...never even taken the print cartridges out of their packages lol...but this weekend ill have to get that organised (too much thinking for tonite)

Food wise i have been very good today. I made the lemon chicken recipe that had been on the weight watchers forum a week or two yummiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii it was really delicious....and i made enough to ill prolly have the extra serving on sunday night. I have a lil bit of a sore throat today i think its prolly cos im overtired from the bus trip still ... hopefully by tomorrow it will be better

So cos i had a sore throat and was feeling tired i didnt go to the gym. But hopefully tomorrow i will feel fine and get out to the gym and try to do 12 kms on the cycle.

Well i think its time for some sleep...enjoy ur nite all !

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