Saturday, July 21, 2007

Well its been a big day of thinking....i currently have te flu (yep cant take a trick health wise lately) Anyway on wednesday when i saw the slim coach at the gym and showed her my menu plan (which i thought was incredibly healthy) she told me to eat less pasta dishes and more meat, potato and veg. Now anyone who knows me can imagine my response. Anyway after thinking about things ive decided to put some changes into place. The first is im going to go back to ww's point still gonna see the slim coach and do my weigh ins there cos they are better then ww cos they measure body fat and take monthly measurements...but im gonna do points. Mostly its cos i dont think the way they are having me do it i can keep up long term. It doesnt matter how i look at it,,,,i wanna go back to the main principal i had when i started this journey nearly a year ago and that was..."eat only foods i enjoy" if i sit there and persist trying to eat foods im not really fond of bottom line sooner or later ill throw it all in and thats not what i want at its all about moderation. So i pulled out the ww books today...recalculated my points...and im allowed 25 points per day...also pulled out the ww calculator and went thru my annette syms book calculating the points of different things. And as of tomorrow its back on points. I also am planning more of a focus on the exercise and less on the scales...i am at a point now where i could just about classify myself as "normal" i can jump on the bus for long bus trips...go out dating...go out with friends...i dont fret over not fitting into losses may slow down...but i want to look more at the big picture. I also want to be fitter and not so much worry about a number. So thats where my thinking is this week lol

oooooooooooo and news ! Dunno if i wrote this in my last post or not. But i enrolled in uni for the start of semester 3. I will be doing a degree in criminology and justice - so very exciting. So another thing i wanted to do that im doing now...boy what a change my life is too a year ago eh? And theres another lesbian dance coming up *wink* already told felicity we bot need to go to perv LOL...okies off i go enjoy your saturday nite....mine will be staying warm in front of the heater.


Tania said...

Lol ... I think I was able to guess EXACTLY what your reaction was to being told to eat more veggies. I too found that I couldn't sustain slimplicity's program long term, that's the beauty of WW if you love pasta you can eat it every day as long as you stay within points.

Well done on signing up for uni too, seems like we will both have something to celebrate on the 27th August (i'm seeing my gynaecologist about trying to conceive baby #2 that day).

Anonymous said...

just keep doing what you are happy with sweety coz it is obviously working - you really have lost a shitload of weight!

Whoever I want to be said...

Congrats on the uni it sounds like an awesome course... Have a great Sunday :)