Thursday, July 26, 2007

Well i finally seem to be over the flu. I didnt go to my chest thankfully which is a huge improvement. A year ago i got the flu .. went to my chest and i was off work for 7 weeks. So considering my bodies been rundown anyway from the gall stones etc...that 6 days later im fine and going back to work is a huge improvement as far as im concerned.

Ive been having some comfort food too but back on track now. Tomorrow morning hopefully i will do the grocery shopping too. And then i will be right.

I got the letter from the university confirming my enrollment 2 days that is rather exciting. A few more weeks and then i will be getting stuck back into it.

I am planning to go back to the gym on monday...want to get over this flu properly.

I go back to work for 2 days and then will have 2 days off so should be very well rested by monday.

Okies just wanted to check in...will post more over the weekend

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Anonymous said...

yay! so glad you are better!