Saturday, July 28, 2007

Well yanno im a thinker...sometimes i think too much or overthink things but this time ive "thunk" just the right amount LOL. I have decided on monday i am going back to ww. The more i think about it the more i realise i need the points system with the accountability...and whilst i can count points at home...and go weigh in at the not exactly being honest with the slim girl am i? And my reasoning for going to do slim still was not wanting to hurt the slimplicity girls feelings...but thats actually not good enough...this needs to be about me and whats best for me. So tomorrow i am going to send a email to the manager of the gym...explain the situation and explain i still wanna have my personal training and go to the gym but i dont wanna do slimplicity and hopefully they will remove also gonna explain i dont wanna feel intimidated about going to the gym....and so would prefer no one comes up and discusses it with me or tries a sales pitch...ill also tell them the slim girl(amy) is lovely and that this isnt a reflection on her more its a reflection on how fussy a eater i am and how long term my journey is. So thats that and i feel very relieved and happy about my decision.

Today went and did a big grocery shop lots of healthy foods and yummii snacks. I also got my hair cut while out...why do hair dressers have to flounce your hair so much, he was like oh u got curls...and then kept scrunching as i sit here i look very much like a poodle ! So as im going out to fellinis and then the wheaty gonna have to wash it AGAIN. So yes going to fellinis one of my faveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yummii and the great thing is they have a low fat menu as well. Am going out with felicity and tan...felicity has a extremely bad reputation of being late...she has NEVER been ontime when ive met up with her will be interesting to see if she makes it on time for dinner...never the less will be a fun nite...always is when i catch up with them. And diet coke for me tonite .... no drinking .... being a good lesbian following the doctors orders !

ohhhh and did you see they were saying deborah hutton is a lesbian? ( and aint she a classy lady) i actually got told that a few months ago by one of my gay bois who knows someone who knows her....but apparantly or so the rumours go....she split with her lover whose some girl who was in the olympics and has taken up with some "high profile media personality" ooooooooooooooo the intrigue so exciting hehe...anyone sees any updates lemme know !!! im a gossip hound for those who werent aware lol

okies off i go...have a great saturday nite everyone :)

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