Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Well...finally things are happening. I went to the doctor today, and they did the blood test and i am going to have the ultrasound tomorrow morning.Friday i have a follow up appointment and if the ultrasound confirms the gall stones then she will fax a letter to the hospital asking for my surgery to be done as soon as possible. So thats a good thing. I rang up my health fund today cos i was thinking so i dont have a issue like this again to get hospital cover. But they told me would be $150-$160 a month and id still have waits for when the private doctor could fit me in...so whats the point of private cover? I do have extras and the good news is they confirmed i can claim on glasses so if on friday when i get my eyes tested...if i need glasses i can get that all organised and hopefully get rid of the migraines. Food wise....i think ive figured out under a gram of fat and im ok. I had low fat cheese and tomato toasted sandwich today and no pain...which is soooooooooo good...and was so freakin' delicious ! And back to the gym tomorrow. Presuming i have time i will do a tummy and thighs class...followed by my weigh in...if not ill weigh in then do 15 minutes on the bike while i build up the cardio again. Okies well off i go...gonna play a few games of gammon before i go relax infront of the tv and watch some more of my cold case files =]

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