Saturday, July 07, 2007

Well i got my letter yesterday for the appointment for the ultrasound. Its set for august 9. But the ER doc had told me my doctor may be able to get this pushed ahead. So when i go to my doc on tuesday for the follow up blood test i will ask him if theres anything he can do. Im also going to ask if he has any pain killers he can prescribe in case i get another attack (ive heard taking zantax can help and that docs can prescribe are stronger version of it) also i will ask him about which foods i can eat. I need to eat more variety then i am at the moment. Ill also check in about the gym, i will go wednesday to the gym no matter what...either to get back into things and weigh in or ill weigh in and give them a certificate to put my membership on hold...all depends what the doctor says.

Oh and btw thank you everyone who leaves me posts or emails me i always love the messages and tania no i didnt go to streaky bay...i was really too ill to chance a attack on the bus. And trisca thank you for the nice words - so nice to see u back at the gym =]

Last nite i watched sisterhood of the travelling pants....such a sweet movie. Today im recording the longest yard, the 40 year old virgin, curious george and just my lots to watch tomorrow lol

Okies off i go ... enjoy your weekend all !

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Tania said...

Hope you had a good weekend - fingers crossed that things start going in the right direction for you. Sorry to hear you had to cancel your trip, I know how much you were looking forward to seeing the kids.