Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Well i truly have been away for a bit eh? To be honest ive been quite ill. Last wednesday nite i went out to dinner with tania,,,i had a migraine and so knew i wasnt well...anyway i ordered pizza,,,and then became ill. Poor tania...on the way home i ended up throwing up. I thought it was merely a side effect of a migraine. Then sunday morning i had nothing in the house so thought as a treat ill get a danish from bakers delight....well i ate it and not long after i had the most excruciating pain below my ribs...i put up with it for a couple of hours before going to the doctor...they gave me a injection and told me it was my gall bladder. Unfortunately the injection made me throw up. So i went and stayed at mums. I went back to the docs the next day and the only advice was "eat bland food" so i did...but that nite again i ended up with the pain except it was even worse this time...i ended up calling a ambulance and was taken to royal adelaide. Where they gave me painkillers via a drip (i was really dehydrated) and a shot of morphine. They then did a whole series of tests...chest xrays, blood tests, etc and it turns out i have a blockage in my gall bladder. Friday i have to go have a follow up blood test to make sure the liver is fine as that was a bit not so good but thats pretty common with gall stones apparantly. I am now on a waiting list to see a specialist and for surgery. So its now time to be INCREDIBLY careful with my food. Im really not eating a lot so far just soup, bread, and yoghurt. Tonite im gonna try some of the heinz tinned long as its soft and i chew it up completely i seem okay. I had some strawberry jam on bread today and i got so excited cos it had real taste LOL When i go to the docs on friday i will talk about the gym not sure if im really eating enuff to sustain workouts (in fact im positive i wouldnt be) but hopefully over the next week ill build it up so im eating decent meals...i just wanna be super careful and test everything before i start eating. Basically now i eat something by taking a tiny bite chew it up real well and if no pain i eat a lil more...i did peak at the scales and not surprisingly they seem to have gone down. When i last weighed at the gym by my scales on that day i was 140.5 then when i ate bad i went up to around 143 kilos...when i just looked now im 141 kilos. Im slowly building up the water today ive drunk 600 mls so far today (huge improvement from one glass on monday) and i really need to keep working on this as im not daring to try any other drinks yet. ill be happy if i drink close to another 600 mls today. Yanno i gotta say anyone who eats fatty food whether skinny or fat...get yaself on a healthy diet....this situation i am in now is horrible...and if i could take back the last 5 years of KFC's i would lol...okies im off ....have a good week all...ill try and post again on the weekend but not really sitting at the puter much at the moment


Tania said...

Oh Kazz, what an awful time you've had lately! Sorry to hear you've been having so much pain, does this mean you had to cancel your trip or are you writing this from your sister's? Hope things go well with your appointment and that you're feeling better soon.

mooshsilk said...

Oh Kazz sounds terrible! Makes me really want to re think my eating! You are doing so well on the weight loss and I hope you get to see the specialist soon. Hope to have a chat again soon!

Luv Claudia xo

Who is Tardie? said...

Kazz - hope the waiting list doesn't drag out too long and that you're fit and healthy again soon!


Trisca.. said...

Kazz - I'm SO sorry to hear about your gall bladder problems. :-( Hopefully it won't be long until you see the specialist and can get things sorted out. I also hope the pain stays away!

One thing I did notice was how much weight you've lost since I last read your blog. You are really doing great!!! Keep it up Kazz.. very impressive. :-)

Trisca.. xo

nursekirsty said...

Hello Kazz,

Just thought i would let you know how much you have inspired me. I was reading some of your post in WW community chats and then went onto your blog. I have been reading your blog and just wanted to say that gal stone pain is a big pain in the a*se. I see lots of patients in pain from these terrible little stones and i wouldn't wish it apon any one. I was just reading that you are concerned that you are not eating enough to sustain your work outs. I was just wondering if you have ever recalcuated your daily points value. You might find that your activity level during most days will probably have gone up. Going from a 0 to a 2 or maybe even a 4. I think it is import to re-check it every now and then. Anway Kazz, congratualations on all the hard work and I will be a follower to watch the great work still to come. Remember we were not born to find ourselves but to creat ourselves.