Thursday, January 25, 2007

Well today has been challenging !

I woke up at 6am (having only slept 6 hours) feeling completely draining and exhaused. I lay in bed contemplating on what to have for dinner...the cupboards were bare and the thought of KFC was tempting...after umming and ahhing for half an hour i thought bugger dressed ... drank a superdyn drink and went out and did my grocery shopping ! And omg did i shop...$190 later !!! And i shopped differently....firstly i decided i will make some home made pita bread pizzas cos i can add lots of vegetables like mushrooms, capsicum, onion and pineapple etc to them. i bought a roasted chicken (which ill remove the skin from), fat free semi sundried tomato, fetta cheese and real pizza sauce. Along with the vegetables for them. I then also bought some veal, beef pieces and chicken breast and THEN i bought carrots, mushies, capsicum, onion, potato, green beans, mandarins, bananas, cherry tomatos, lettuce, onions, strawberries and salad onions !! LOL who woulda believed it??? And so far today ive had a mandarin and a banana. My lunch had pieces of asparagus in them and surprise surprise i didnt mind i think i will buy some and next time i make my low fat cream pasta sauce i will try and add aspragus to it. Hopefully when i get home from work i wont be too tired to prepare the pizzas. So i really feel proud of todays decisions and i feel more focusse and today i WILL get off the bus one bus stop early.

When i get home i gonna make ww bacon and a egg on toast i think mmm mmmm thats only 4.5 points altogether =]

Oh yeah and im going back to tracking...the last month or so i jsut feel like ive been playing around with this weight loss ... time to get serious and really start to tackle this weight loss. Ill also be weighing in next monday night !! Okies im off all !!!


Anonymous said...

Lol ... I didn't realise you knew that that many vegetables existed. Now for the big question - how many of them have you actually eaten? :-)

kazz said...

OMG i didnt know so many existed either !!!