Monday, January 22, 2007

Well last nite was beyond boring it ended up over 3 hours between calls and one point and i really struggled at about 4am-ish to stay awake. So tonite i bought in my laptop...ive loaded the sims game and gonna play that later. When i went home after last nite i was online and decided to go looking more at the pinksofa website (the website for women i mentioned a while ago i was a member of) ... anyway ended up finding this link for a SA lesbian site...its called Lesbian Tribune and is awesome with so much info. Well i eventually looked at the feast website...(feast is the "queer" festival held in November in Adelaide each year) and i eventually filled out a form to volunteer for it. Anyway we will wait and see if i hear anything from it.

I slept for about 6 hours tonite...till i woke up all hot,,,blah shoulda put the a/c on before i went to bed.

Food wise was under points by 1.5 points...yay me !!!

Okies off i go...enjoy your tuesday all !

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