Monday, January 22, 2007

OMG its cold. Its 3.09am and i am at work. Last nite i bought a jacket and didnt wear it so i didnt bother bringing it tonite,,,,well they got the a/c on or some chit and im freezing. i so just wanna curl up under a blanket and get cozy.

These graves shifts (11.30pm-7.30am) are not too bad at all. They are really quiet...tonite more so then last nite (i havent taken a phone call for a hour and a half) so ive been browsing the net and just chatting. When i went home last nite i stayed up till just after 9am and then went to sleep and slept thru till 3.15pm. Its a lil hard cos you try and go to sleep and its light i9n the room. I ahve wooden venetians so they are pretty good at blocking out the sunlight but not great. Tonite before i came in i went into my bedroom at 9pm to try and nap and it was sooooo dark in the room and my only thought was i cannot wait till the graves are over and i can go to sleep when its dark for a full nite. I am a lil tired today but not too bad considering...but tomorrow is day 3....nearly hump day !!!

Yesterday food wise with this time change really thru me i was nibbling food all day...admittedly healthy food but i still woulda gone over points and in a email to tania i said i was thinking about core. Well surprise surprise i have changed my mind about this ! LOL But i have done some rethinking. For this week my aim is simply to get thru to saturday without being too sleep deprived. Today (midnight sat nite to midnite sunday nite...even with going out for dinner where i had limited choice i still had 2 points left over (yay me) But come saturday i am going shopping and going to shop a lil difference. I think partly ive got a bit bored with the food but also i think i need to eat some vegetables to help keep me full and to avoid picking between meals. So i found a recipe for beef and red wine casserole recipe which is obviously a casserole with mushrooms in it so will make that on the weekend. im also planning to make vegetable soup (which i will blend a bit so i dont get any nasty chunky vegetable bits blah) and also...beans is something i dont will make a low fat cheese sauce and pour over them and have a few times. Doing this all should build up my energy levels even more as well. So this is the plan of attack for the next few weeks. I was gonna get of the bus one stop early today going home and walk but im too tired i think so i will tackle that next week when im not sleep deprived.

And isnt it funny thru friendships u make thru ww or their site or whatever how they encourage u? Tania emailed me today said she had updated her journal...and so i went over for a peak on their and she mentioned how my motivation motivates her...and then her comment was kinda like...hell yeh shes right...i have done good...but time to step it up a gear.

okies not much else to say - hope everyone has a good week =]

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