Friday, January 19, 2007

well this 3 days off thing is going well... :) yesterday i went and got my new puter. Its a laptop and gorgeousssssssssssssss 120GB HD, 1GB ram, a core duo processor, widescreen witht eh new viiv thing (that was for any techie heads LOL) anyway its great so slim i love it. ive never had a dvd burner before and i have to burn the back up for need to go buy some blank dvds.

On to ww....weighed in and lost 600 grams taking me now to a total loss of 18.5 which i am really happy with. i mean remember not only should u aim to lose 500 grams to a kilo per week for it to be healthy weight loss....i also went out to mexican and had michaels bbq (where i drank 5 shots of zambucca lol) more important then the big losses in my mind is more consistency, and plus as i am being more socially active these things will occur. Tomorrow nite i start graves i think i have that all sussed and planned out and the plan this week is to really focus on my water and to get of the bus one stop early on the way home.

okies off i go to enjoy my day off :)

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