Thursday, January 11, 2007

Well only a hour then we finish work and head off to Michaels for the barbeque. its actually our team function for xmas...we are doing secret santa n all. Ive been very good i have about 7 points saved this 14.5 points left for the day anyway. Michael just left to make salads and he is pretty healthy so im sure there will be lots of salads. But im not gonna gonna take pepsi max and drink that...and i will most likely just eat chicken and salad. Then of course tomorrow morning i have my weigh in...and then after that i will go do the grocery shopping then off home to play gammon in the afternoon...and then tomorrow nite i will finish watching the move the break up.

Was up bright n early again today...6am....and i didnt leave for work till 8.20am...i am really starting to enjoy that time in the morning.

Okies will be back tomorrow nite sometime with my weigh in result - fingers crossed!

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy the BBQ, I look forward to receiving a full tracker in the morning (including the alcohol you consume) :-) Good luck with weigh in, i'm sure you'll do great!