Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Well day 6 and i been really good...very focussed. Came in to work today a bit early and one of the girls was taking a call but the customer was yelling at her and so this girl got upset and started crying so i took over the call half an hour before i was suppose to start work. So i get to leave half an hour earlier tonite AND sarah the gurl bought me a hot chocolate LOL

im loving being home in my evenings again o0oooooooo and i think i won some money (prolly $5 with my luck LOL) u did that tv trivia competition with my foxtel tv1 last nite and i answered all 10 questions correctly so supposedly you share in $1000 depends how mnay other people got 10 right. Apparantly they write to you within 21 days with a cheque to let you know what you won.

Well done jaxx on your loss !!! yay u !!!

Tomorrow night is the bbq at gonna take my bottled water and eat chicken and salad and be super good...and hopefully have a great weigh in on friday morning! Will be back after that with the weigh in result!

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