Monday, January 08, 2007

On the weight watchers 30+ kilos to lose forum they do a "i am so proud today because..." thread...its a great thread cos you get thinking about what you did to help your weightloss...makes you think about yourself a bit but also great to see other peoples responses.

Anyway went out to lunch with Tania yesterday to a lil restuarant in melbourne street...we off course shared a serve of bruschette (can't imagine going out for a meal with tania where bruschetta wasnt included lol) and then i had pasta with a pollo sauce (rose sauce with chicken) was very yummy !!!! And of course great company. I always enjoy my lunches with Tania or even our chats in msn cos they generally revolve around our weight loss journey but like me tania looks at the other ways it effects our lives we were discussing yesterday about treating ourselves more to enhance our self image (like facials, nice clothes etc) but i love that and i think it is really important cos losing numbers on the scales is really only part of this journey. Most people when they put on weight hibernate and hide from the world so i truly think getting a social life is also a really important part, and all the other things that play into this and have run off effects into my work life, family etc etc

And tania yes yes about msn LOL and jaxx? can you add me to msn? my email addy for it is

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