Sunday, January 07, 2007

Was talking to Tania the other nite on msn and she said,,,,,whenever my weight loss is going good everything else around me goes good too. And i have to agree with her....this week i work 9 out of 10 days...and normally id be dreading it and thinking i dont want tomorrow to come. But instead im looking forward to i am heading out to lunch with Tania,,,,when i come home ill do some laundry and then i think ill watch breaking up with jennifer annsiton (mmmm) on foxtel. Then i will be good the next 4 days and look forward to the bbq at michaels on thursday night. Where i am gonna be very good and simply try and have a good night and not focus on food. There should be plenty of healthy foods....and i simply wont drink. i really am determined for a good loss when i weigh in on friday. im still getting these damn sinus headaches...around the eyes...theyre a damn pain in the ass i swear...

i am so blonde today i swear the proxide they put on my hair is seeping into my brain. i been playing some gammon and saying the most stupid things...i swear LOL

okies off i go for my sunday...enjoy all =]

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Anonymous said...

LMAO @ peroxide, and there I was thinking that was normal behaviour for you :-)

It was great to catch up with you today - i'll be checking on you throughout the week to make sure you're continuing to be good for that big loss this week - there's no escaping me now that your on my MSN list ... lol