Friday, January 05, 2007

piwell gawd what a day ! Worked till 9pm last nite...went home and ended up talking to Tania on msn messenger till a lil after 11.15pm...went to bed....and watched a lil dave letterman and then lo n behaold woke up at 5am!!!! and could not get back to sleep. By 10 to 6 i gave up and got up and mixed up a ww chocolate mousse and played a couple of gammon tourneys before heading off to medicare & ww. WELL!!! i did things a lil differently...i ate breakfast and a can of diet coke before i went...wore jeans and heavier shoes and needed to go to the loo !!! LOL and had a HUGE gain of 5.4 kilos...i was incredibly jacked but i also expected it and i was so glad that i had already decided to stay for the meeting. Which i am glad about as im sure it gave me extra motivation. ive been spot on today and for when i go home i have a ww choc mousse and i will slice up a banana and throw those pieces in and have a yummy snack before bed (my head is pounding)

Tomorrow i have a lazy gammon...prolly catch up on some of my tv shows ive recorded (scrubs my latest show im liking) and then a walk in the evening. Sunday i am off to lunch with tania where i KNOW we both will be good...(altho a lil bruschetta of course will come our way) i have a few social things on this week...a bbq at my TLs house thursday nite (which will be challenging but my weigh in next morning so ill be good) and then the sunday night i am going out for mexican - eek !!!

okies will finish this from home....

well im home...i have a horrid headache...and its worse when i lean i think its either cos ive cut back on my food...or its related to the gonna have my banana n chocolate mousse in a minute then toddle off to bed and get some decent sleep. Anyone knows of good healthy choices for mexican that does NOT have beans in it...please lemme know LOL

okies im off have a good nite all =]

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