Friday, January 12, 2007

well i owe a post eh? LOL my sister emailed me saying....howd u go today LOL so a post must be overdue.

Well last nights bbq was sooooooooooo much fun ! Michael had lots of healthy food (altho i did pick at some cc's lol) He had marinated bite size pieces of chicken in soya sauce, ginger and lime and cooked it on the bbq - which is what i mostly ate. He also had porterhouse steak but i didnt eat that. and entree type thing he had stir fryed prawns with i think it was chilli sauce and tiny meatballs. And then he had 3 healthy salads and i filled my plate up with that. After i also had a christmas mince pie. As this was our christmas function we had secret santa too. Which was quite funny. For mine...and this was so cute....cos....for those who dont know my nickname at work is "princess" i sign my internal emails princess lol and msot people call me it. Well i got a mobile phone sock which is pink and says on it "call me princess" a pink beanie doll that says "princess" and a stationary set...of a note book, pencil cup holder, memo pad and pencil case...and they are all covered in soft pink material with the word .... you guessed it "princess" on it LOL im taking them all in to work tomorrow for on my desk. Then after most had left...there were 5 left and michael starts pouring shots of zambucca and is like c'mon you need to have one...well turned into 4 or 5 LOL so was a really good nite and michaels brother ended up giving me a lift home...came home tipsy went online played in a tourney and won it ! LOL (so yes tania one or two drinks LOL - you know me too well)

Anyways onto other news......i lost 3 kilos !!! wooooooot !!!!! so my loss is now back at 17.9 very very happy. Oh and at the bbq one of the bois came up to me and whispered in my ear "you've lost weight" lol hes such a sweetheart .... in my the only lesbian but we have 4 gay bois and every one of them is sweet as was real sweet of him !

Okies off i go !!! Will be back in a few days with a new update !


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your loss...... Aren't gay men so much nicer than men that are not gay :)

Anonymous said...

Way to go princess ... glad you had such a good night last night, you sound so happy, i'm so pleased to here it. We'll have to arrange to catch up again really soon.