Saturday, January 13, 2007

Have i mentioned one day weekends suck? LOL....well they do....had jsut yesterday off and now i am back at work again for 5 days before i get a few days off.

Came very prepared today bought a wrap with chicken, low fat cheese and low fat mayo for lunch. yumm yumm - 18 minutes and i can go make it...and after having that will have only eaten 11 points for the day (and im prolly over counting some points) which leaves me 16 points, and for dinner i am having a chicken schnitzel with oven fries. I think tonite too i may go out for a walk...i say this a lot but rarely do LOL

Tania made a comment on yesterdays post...that i seem happy...and guess what???? shes right !!! lol i just am at a very happy place at the moment. i hate the one day weekends but am really enjoying the rotating roster...ive lost 17.9 kilos now so back on starting to go out a bit more (which was the plan for 2007) and i think a big thing is that im not in chat as much. So things are good good good !!!!

Tania i did email you about catching either reply when you get a chance or leave me a message on msn and jaxx your right....some gay guys are really as sweet as hell.

okies off to make my lunch have a good saturday all !!!

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