Sunday, January 14, 2007

well i didnt end up going for a walk last nite. But i really need to get my act together with walking. The thing that always puts me off is that ive seen friend start exercising and their weight either stalls or they gain...i had one friend really struggle for quite a long time after joining curves and i know at this point getting those kilos knocked off is really important. i am the type who can give up easily and if i start gaining or losing very little cos of exercise i quite possibly would think ... i give up.

But food wise things are going good. I ended up a couple of points under yesterday. Tonight i am going out for mexican. i have 15 points saved. So no desserts or anything...but i will simply choose a nice meal and enjoy seeing everyone. So i finish work at 5.30 pm and dont start work till 2.30pm tomorrow which is really nice.

Maybe i will go for a walk in the morning...then again maybe not LOL...

okies off i go

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