Monday, January 15, 2007

Well last night all went good !!! Was a fun nite and i didnt eat TOO badly - hell it was mexican remember ! We had nachos which we all shared (yum yum yummmmmmmmmmm) and then i had what was prolly one of the small dinners...a thin bread thingy with chicken and tomato in it, a beef taco and a rice with carrots n corn in it (and i ate half the rice ! ) i also had one glass of wine...i prolly went over by 2 or 3 points i reckon as i had 14 points to use. AND when i went to get ready i thought oh ill wear one of the new tops i bought at katies. One was a black top which fitted me perfectly 2 weeks ago and one was a green top which was too tight...WELL the black top is too big acrosss my top half its not onto ebay it will have to go. Then i thought well ill try the green top on and it fits ! its firm fitting but really quite nice (i took a photo ill upload it tomorrow maybe) then today when getting dressed i was putting on my new t shirt from katies...which has really been fitting me nicely but i noticed its got a bit of room to spare around my hips ! so yay yay yay.

Okies off to do some work...have a good monday all - only 2 more days and a weekend for me - yay !!!

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