Monday, January 29, 2007

Well omg lots to tell !

Firstly ---- i HATE graveyard shifts !!! 3 days later and my sleeping pattern is still up the creek. But its 7.30pm and im still awake !!! ive literally been like a zombie and so tired to the point of aching eyes and feeling sick...hopefully ill sleep good tonite and be back to normal tomorrow.

Now...yanno one of my goals for this year was to get my social life going and ive done a few things to assist with that =] a old friend of mine from school who is still single too who ive known for like 22 years or something who i lost contact with about 5 years ago...well i rang her yesterday...we talked for a bit then she called back tonite and she is coming over thursday nite =] Then also the gay n lesbian festival (feast) i applied to do volunteer work for...wrote to me and said i was accepted and just need to wait for details on the orientation =] So another big step !!

After much debate i went and checked out curves today and joined ! $49 a month (much better then the $86 a fortnite the other gym was charging) and this is a lot more convenient. I am going there tomorrow for my first full session. I did try some of their machines out today. And we set goals for my birthday to lose 172 cm, be a size 18 and lose 40.8 kilos. im wrapped !

And for the next news...i lost 1.6 kilos !!!!!!! I am now back over 20 kilos...20.1 kilos to be exact. Amazing to thing since january 5 i have lost 5.2 kilos. Okies off to eat my chicken n sundried tomato pasta have a good week all !!!!

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