Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Okies...firs thing if anyone has problems accessing or reading my journal please email me as they changed it to their new blogger system.

well i went to my first session at curves yesterday...and i think i could get addicted to it ! omg yes the non gym junkie said that !!! I did the whole program (except one machine due to the sore ankles i have) and when i was doing the stretching at the end i got dizzy and was not well for about 45 minutes...but duh me after i realised i hadnt eaten for the 3 hours prior and didnt drink any water while doing it . But then when i woke today i thought oh i wanna go back today ! but alas no clean gym will have to wait till friday. Its very kewl there system shows you how many sessions you have done...when ur next weigh and measure day is . So my weigh and measure day is the 29th of each month, ao by next one i want to have done 12 sessions - at least. they also told me not to worry about the scales too much in the first month...but hopefully ill still have losses each week altho i realise ill be putting on muscle...

Off to dinner with tania tonite =]

Oh and i slept MUCH better last nite,,,,fell asleep just before 8.30pm and slept till 3.30am didnt wake up once then i fell back asleep for another hour a things are getting better with the sleeping pattern....ok off i go !

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Tania said...

Well done you! I'm seriously giving Curves some thought for when my Fernwood membership expires, they opened one up literally around the corner from my old house and the 30 minute workout suits me, will have to see, i'm loving Fernwood all over again!

Glad to hear you got a bit better sleep, see you tonight!