Saturday, September 16, 2006

wooooooo hoooooooo !!!!

my first compliment today !!!! Was at work eating one of my ww desserts and my old team leader came over and asked me if ive been losing weight...i told her yes and she turned around and said you can really tell. Also coming into work today i came to the conclusion my fave jumper is too big ! LOL especially across my shoulders its kinda getting to the point of ridiculous lol So tomorrow i will drop into target and best & less and hopefully pick up a couple of tops. I would prefer to not spend too much money but at the same time i think hell i deserve to look good !

I am djing tomorrow (sunday 12.30-2.30pm adelaide time) so if u wanna listen...just load up and you will hear me.

Tomorrow nite im maked baked lemon chicken and fried rice mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Well i hope everyone is having a good weekend mine starts in just under 5 hours and i cannot wait

kazz =]

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