Tuesday, September 19, 2006

okies you ALL need to do a dance with me !!!!!! Cos woooooooooooo hooooooooooooo i lost 3.2 kilos this week -stunned, falls over & faints lol-

So i have now lost 10.5 kilos...i am 500 grams of my september goal weight and only 9.5 kilos to lost by xmas to have lost 20 kilos by xmas day ( i can do it !!!) And now when i look back im glad i had the kfc..i had it that one night...got it out of my system and im now so on track it aint funny !

Okies on to other stuff....went shopping for some new tops on the weekend and a nightie. I went to target and OMG all their tops are see thru....no way im paying $40-$50 for a top ill prolly wear 8 weeks at the most that is bloomin see thru! So i went to best n less and bought 3 tops and a nightie for $80. The nightie fits me...wore it all day yesterday lol (how damn lazy is that lol) and 2 of the tops fit me and fit me really nicely...one is more fitted but another 3-4 kilos and it should fit me. wooooooooo hooooooooooooooo

Yesterday i was very lazy and stayed home. But was nice having a day of just relaxing and me time...okies off i go wooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooo so damn happy lol


Tania said...

Way to go Kazz! You're on fire, sometimes you just need to have that damn KFC and get it out of your system! We'd better arrange a catch up soon before you completely fade away :-) Very happy for you!

Hippygal said...

Congrats you are doing fab.... finally catching up, lost my computer for a few days with a virus, but I think I have fixed it all now :)

kaye said...

Hi Kazz,
Got your blog off the WW site and thought I'd check it out. Just wanted to tell you about the clothes, coz I'm going thru the same thing don't wanna buy too many coz hopefully I'll lose lots more weight yet. Anyway, go to Katies in rundle mall and upstairs they have a clearance centre. They have heaps of 1626 clothes there lots for only $5. Was there on the weekend and bought 2 huge bag fulls of tops and pants and only spent $50. Hope this helps.