Thursday, September 21, 2006

Elloz all =]

Good to see u back online jaxx...i checked your journal look forward to the next update and tania yessssssssss we do need to catch up. I sent you a email...reply when you get a chance my sundays are free...up until nov 13th

Todays going good...i ended up going to the doctor yesterday about my headaches. Turns out the muscles in my neck were spasming (prolly occurred when i did those exercises that pulled the stomch muscles) anyway so the doc said 2 panadols 4 times a day and use a heat pad on it. And its so much better already my necks not sore today and no headache =]

I am actually starting to want to do more walking. So this weekend i think i will venture thru prospect on the other side of main north road. i wish there was a nice park or something around where i lived where i could walk to...nice gardens or something..

Okies not much else to say....nearly home time YaY !!!

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