Friday, September 15, 2006

its amazing how 5 days ago my headspace was all "here we go again i quit" and now today i feel more committed to the weight loss then ever. My jeans are feeling lose again and i have been spot on with my food AND my water. Ive done the ww thing ebfore and never really focused on the water im now convinced its a big part of it. I am hoping for a good solid loss this week but i dont wanna end up disappointed so 500 grams and i will be happy. Laying in bed last nite thinking (and omg i have been freezing at nite time the last few nites) that realistically....i would like to lose 20 kilos every 6 months. Which would meanmid 2008 i would be totally at a weight id be more then happy with...admittedly once i get closer it will be harder to do. So febuary is 6 months...but i actually am gonna aim for my first 20 kilo loss by xmas but if i dont by febuary 1. which basically puts me at 13.3 kilos to lose in approximately 14 a challenge but completely doable. I bid on some clothes today on ebay...hopefully i get them...a pair of new cargo pants and a dressy top for going out. Okies i gotta get back to work...enjoy your weekend all =]

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