Friday, November 10, 2017

Such a good day :)

Today is one of my days off. I was at the gym by 7.30am for a PT session lol.

So the good parts of the day! Firstly....I was wearing a new lorna jane tank top. Size large. I love this style that they do...I have 3...two are has the saying "say yes to adventures" (this is the one I wore) I also have another mint green one that says "werk werk werk" so firstly super happy that it fitted! And it fitted well.

Then my PT session....we (as in I lol) did a "fitter faster stronger" workout. It was 2 rounds of 12 dumbbell thrusters, 6 burpees and 20 deadlifts....and it was 4 rounds of that. Then it was 4 rounds of 3 reps of front squats. The pretty much turned into a tutorial part of the session as I had never done them that all went well :)

Then the rest of the session 3 rounds....with first round 10 reps, then 12 reps then 15 reps. So it was leg press machine (I did 160 kilos in the end - which is a lot for me!) then trx squat jumps, 200 metre row then 20 step overs the rowing machine. And lastly a 50 second wall squat phew!

Anyway whilst in PT a gym member came up and commented on my weight loss :) and then candice (my trainer) and i briefly chatted about how ive been finding the sessions lately (which ive been loving cos i feel like im accomplishing so much now) and she wanted to know if i was feeling fitter and stronger? I told her yes. She then commented (and I hadnt even noticed this) but she commented that i rarely complain of back pain now so obviously my core is stronger, my form has improved and the way i move has improved she also commented that she has noticed that i seem fitter too :)

She then also asked when I was going away and I explained its 5 weeks by the gym scales i was 110.9 kilos this morning (I was under 110 kilos on my scales this morning) and we agreed to really focus over these 5 weeks and try to get down to 105 kilos by then. Which would be AMAZING!! That would mean I have lost over 20 kilos this year...and wow 105 kilos by the end of the year should mean in the first few months of next year I should get down to double digits.

So overall a really good GYM day. Tonight I am making "cheesy rice slice" for dinner.

Have a good weekend all!!!

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